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Strategic Objectives


1. Improved maternal and under 5 children health

2. Enhanced school health for better education

3- Reduction of premature mortality from noncommunicable diseases

4- Reducing  Morbidity& Mortality and Outbreak Prevention & Control due to Communicable Diseases

5- Increase the prevalence of exclusive breastfeeding during the first 6 months of age to 30%.

6-Increase the coverage rate of micronutrient to target groups to more than 60%.

7-No increase in the rate of adult overweight and obesity.

8- Reduction of tuberculosis incidence 

9- Low drug resistant tuberculosis incidence 

10- Improvement in the level of laboratory services provided to citizens

11- Safety of locally manufactured and imported food that is free from chemical and bacteriological contaminants and in accordance with the approved standard specifications

12- Safe water suitable for human consumption is free from chemical, bacteriological and physical contaminants

13- Decrease in the mortality rate from road traffic accidents to 50%







16-Reduction of antimicrobial resistance

 17- Human resources development.

18- Development of Electroinc Systems