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Workshop about T.B program supervise by specialist T.B and chast center for managerIn Collaboration amony Medical cityA preparatory meeting in primary health care departmentDiscuss the restructuring of the Public Health Directorate departmentsDeputy of Director General of Public Health Directorate meet the Iranian delegationWithin the strategic plan of the Ministry of Health and Environment to reach the millennium goalsWithin the accreditation of health institutionsSmartphones application to the Department of Health finish off I PHONEMinister of Health and Environment headed the Iraqi delegation participating in the meetings of the session (62)Public Health announces the launch of the national campaign of vaccination against polioMr. Technical Proxy visiting the Central Public Health LaboratoryPublic Health discuss securing vaccines against choleraMinister of Health and Environment is discussing with WHO representative in Iraq, strengthen health cooperation between the two sidesVisit Dahaa Al Rawi camp for the IDPsGive lectures in family medicine specialist health centersHealth take all measures to limit and control the epidemic diarrhea (cholera)Meeting of the Public Health Directorate with international organizationsDirector General of Health to discuss a technical and administrative reforms at the level of primary health care centersDirector General of the Public Health Directorate visit to the Central Public Health LaboratoryHealth Promotion Department continue in the implementation of the awareness and health The workshop for identifying barriers to newborns servicesPublic Health visiting Nabi Sheet camp for IDPs Discuss the scientific procedures to take advantage of custom programs accountHealth of Prisons and Correctional Institutions Meeting Director General of the Public Health Directorate with the manger of Primary Health Care Department Health promotion implemented in coordination with civil society organizations an educational activityAspects of the Director General of the Public Health Directorate visit , Dr. Hassan Hadi Baqir ,to al-Mustansiriya Discuss routine vaccinations program coverage and activitiesDirector General of the Public Health Directorate briefed Minister of Health the offer from Concord German companyThe launch of poverty Results and its impact on Iraqi societyFood Consultative Commission MeetingDepartment of prevention and control of the non-communicable disease discuss mechanism to their own programs budget exchangeSchool health follow-up to the terms of the school shopsField experience the primary health care department at a health center officersPublic Health meet representatives of the World Health Organization and UNICEFA review of the semi-annual activities of the Public Health DirectorateAnnual Conference of the Hajj Medical Mission for Iraq in 2015 Director General of the Public Health Directorate meet representatives from the Primary Health Care DepartmentDirector General discusses the increase stocks of vaccines capacityVisit border ports in Basra provincePublic health carried out inspection campaign to restaurants and shops in Baghdad Expand health-promoting schools projectNational vaccination Campaign for measles vaccineField work and supervision of primary health care centersA field visit to Amiriyah Al-FallujahVisit Director General to the Health Audit DepartmentField training to build the capacity of workers in primary health care centersPossession of child-friendly hospital title in Baghdad and DiwaniyahVisit Al-Sebaa health centerPublic Health discussed the possibilities of the development of the Central Public Health Laboratory
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